Before you complete the form you must have a Sport fishing license and
an active B.A.S.S. membership. You must include your B.A.S.S. number below.

If new to the sport visit and follow the steps to join. Or call 1-877-BASSUSA (1877-227-7872).

To renew use this Bassmaster link to go to the renew page.

Any questions about registration use our Contact page and the membership coordinator will get back to you.

NOTE: If you don't have a cellphone, provide the best number to reach you.
Make sure your number has no leading zero's
Good -> 1004332
Not Good -> 001004332
NOTE: All boats must have a working live well and at least one million in liability insurance as per B.A.S.S. regulations.

Are you a Boater? If so, please fille out the insurance info below.
Full membership = $80 up to the January meeting; $100 after the January meeting.
Associate Membership = $20
E-transfer to and include in the message your name and what it is for.

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The members of the Peterborough Bassmasters are dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of
the sport of bass fishing. We’re focused on having fun and maintaining an atmosphere of
friendly competition.


Peterborough Bassmasters welcomes all skill levels, boaters and riders.

Our tournaments are team events, with the teams being formed by the tournament director for each
event. It is expected that team members help each other on the water and at the launch. Boaters
should be willing to share the front of the boat/trolling motor when circumstances permit. Non-boaters
will compensate boaters for gas.

We respect the fish we catch, practicing sound live well management and handling the fish with
care. Time out of the water should be minimized. Photo ops should be planned to avoid
excessive stress. We exercise particular care at weigh-ins to avoid stress on the fish and reduce
post-release mortality. Dead fish will be disposed of properly and not randomly tossed back into
the water.

Skills development is part of the fun. Team members will not hesitate to help their partners,
offering positive suggestions and sharing techniques. In addition during the off-season the
monthly meetings may include presentations made by local experts on various techniques and
other aspects of the sport.

Promotion of the sport of bass fishing includes raising the profile of the Peterborough
Bassmasters through community and environmental programs. All members of the club are
expected to make an honest effort to participate in these programs.

Peterborough Bassmasters is a member B.A.S.S. through the Ontario Bass Nation (OBN) and all
members of the club must hold a valid B.A.S.S. membership. Among other benefits, this provides
the club with liability insurance and enables members to fish in the Qualifier. All boaters are
expected to have valid personal liability insurance on their boats.

The club has a number of sponsors and members are asked to give due consideration to
supporting these sponsors when they require their products and/or services.